Hill & Smith PLC - Approach to M&A
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Approach to M&A

Acquisitions are a fundamental part of our strategy

Hill & Smith’s strategy for over twenty years has been to build through acquisition a highly profitable, growing portfolio of companies operating within infrastructure and galvanizing markets. We are constantly exploring acquisition opportunities and aim to complete several transactions each year.

The companies that we have bought are aligned to our purpose of creating sustainable infrastructure and safe transport through innovation. We typically acquire businesses from entrepreneurial owners looking to unlock the next phase of their growth story, possibly as part of a managed succession plan to enable them to retire.

Our Group’s success is driven by our strategy of backing entrepreneurial management teams to take decisions and execute their growth plans with the support of a large, well-capitalised Group.

Which businesses fit with Hill & Smith?

We look for high quality businesses aligned to our purpose, operating in growing niche markets, with strong entrepreneurial management teams in which we can invest over many years.

When we evaluate a potential acquisition, our focus is on confirming that the business has as many as possible of the following characteristics:

  • Operates in niche markets with good long term growth prospects
  • Ambitious, capable entrepreneurial management
  • Products and services that are either new to our Group and align with our purpose or overlap with and strengthen our existing activities
  • Strong barriers to entry including differentiated products and services with plans for further product development and innovation
  • Generate good margins
  • Strong cash generation

We will be interested in your business if it fits our profile. We are equally interested in stand-alone acquisitions (which are in markets that we don’t currently serve) and bolt-on acquisitions (which are in markets that we currently serve).