Hill & Smith PLC - Saving and Enhancing Lives
Strategic Framework

Saving and Enhancing Lives

We protect and enhance lives by supplying products that enable people to travel safely, and by providing good jobs with the potential for career development in a safe environment.

We support the communities in which we operate. We are committed to investing in and promoting our people, attracting, and retaining a diverse workforce, while fostering social mobility, and ensuring that our supply chain partners treat their employees correctly.

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Health and Safety

Why does it matter?

Keeping our employees, customers, and suppliers safe is our number one priority. Ensuring that our employees work in a safe environment and can return home to their loved ones at the end of their working day is of paramount importance.

Targets & Actuals 2023 Actual 2022 Actual 2025 Target 2030 Target
Lost Time Incident Rate 0.43 1.1 0.75 0.25

Talent Development and Engagement

Why does it matter?

Talented people are fundamental to the success of our autonomous business model and help deliver our purpose and growth ambitions. We need a highly engaged and capable workforce within our operating companies, and this can only be done by attracting, developing, supporting, and retaining the right people. Positive employee engagement and offering great careers for people increase our productivity, enhance our reputation, and deliver our growth plans.

Measure 2023 Actual 2022 Actual 2025 Target 2030 Target
Engagement Score 56% 61% 66% 75%
Movement in pts -5pts +6pts    

Diversity and Inclusion

Why does it matter?

We aim to employ the best people for the job and help them thrive. We know that we can only do this by considering talented people from the whole community, making our business attractive for them to join and by providing an environment where they can be themselves and give their best. If we can provide attractive opportunities for our people, and ensure we have a workforce that is truly diverse, our business will perform to its absolute potential and achieve our ambitious economic growth plans, as well as deliver individual success. Everyone is actively encouraged to communicate and share information with colleagues. It is important to us that we create an inclusive culture, where all voices and perspectives have an opportunity to be heard.

Gender Diversity  2023 Actual 2022 Actual Target: 2025  Target: 2030 
PLC Board 29%1 38% 40%-60%  40%-60% 
Executive Board  40% 33% 40%-60% 40%-60%
Senior Leaders 19% 20% 20%-30% 40%-60% 
Ethnic Diversity  2023 Actual 2022 Actual Target: 2025  Target: 2030 
PLC Board 14% 13% 10%-15% 10%-15%
Executive Board  20% 17% 10%-15% 20%-25%
Senior Leaders 10% 16% 10%-15% 10%-15%

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