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VSG Ukrainian Walk

A team of fundraisers from Hardstaff Barriers achieved their goal of walking the distance to Ukraine and back - more than 3,200 miles - and raised an incredible £5,180 for charity!

In March, the colleagues began collectively walking the distance from their office in Nottingham to Ukraine, to raise money for the humanitarian effort for war victims. Relishing the challenge and the opportunity to help, the team reached their ‘destination’ ahead of schedule. And with just days left to go to the end of their challenge, the determined employees ramped up their efforts and decided to walk all the way back to Nottingham too. As well as raising much-needed funds for the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, their efforts improved staff morale and supported VRS Solutions Group’s (VSG) commitment to staff health and wellbeing.

Since their challenge began, the colleagues began enjoying more frequent strolls together in the sunshine, surrounded by nature, with many vowing to continue this approach when the challenge is over.

Jules Saywell, Commercial Administrator at Hardstaff Barriers, said: “Watching the war in Ukraine is just awful. I cannot imagine what people are going through. I had to help in some way and knowing what an amazing team we have here, I knew we could come up with a plan.” Helen Oakley, Commercial Assistant, at Hardstaff Barriers, said: “This challenge has meant a lot to me personally. My mental health has really suffered due to the Covid pandemic and I really distanced myself from friends and family. Hearing and reading about the crisis in Ukraine made me think of others and what they’re going through, not just myself. This gave me strength to finally meet up with friends who I hadn’t seen since March 2020.”